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Offshore Oil & Gas Pressure Tanks

Pressure vessels have been our business for years and range in capacity from 50cm3 -1000 litres up to 3 tonnes weight per unit. They are available in 316 stainless or mild steel either electroless nickel plated or painted 30 microns epoxygrip primer, 2 coats highbuild epoxy at 100 microns and final metal pigment anodic sacrificial protection 30 microns min. Vessels are normally built to comply with the most stringent requirements of authorities: A.I.B., A.P.A.V.E., T.U.V., A.N.C.C., T.R.C., A.S.M.E.V111., DET NORSKE VERITAS, BUREAU VERITAS, LLOYDS and A.O.T.C. Available for volume expansion contraction compensation, water hammer, fire prevention systems, emergency shut-down, emergency shut-in, etc..

Our separator vessels are ideally suited for use on BCF/Foam/Water storage tanks for fire control systems. Our rubber technologists can supply formulations of elastomers to suit most requirements and include Hypalon, Buna-N, Viton, Silicone and E.P.T., giving a temperature range of -30°C to +200°C and bladders which will be compatible with most known fluids. We even make CONDENSATE KNOCK OUT POTS for instrument hookups.

The range of Sour Oil Sample Bottles was from a request (as a result of this expertise), by our agents, WI LSON SUPPLY CO. for Moore, Barrett & Redwood and Expro. Yarmouth that cleanable units be designed. If you have a LARGE pressure SMALL vessel problem please ask for H.OS.L. contribution.


Offshore Oil & Gas Applications Surge Accumulators Pulsation Dampeners Bladder Accumulators

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Surge, Diaphragm, Piston, and Bladder Types

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