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Surge, Diaphragm, Piston, and Bladder Types

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A full range of purpose designed surface and subsea hydropneumatic accumulators based on proven Hydrotrole range; available in bladder-piston-diaphragm-indicating (tale rod) and sleeve series. Subsea units (model numbers prefixed "SSA") are designed as standard for water depths down to 1500 ft; sea water lockout seals and totally enclosed gas charging valve chamber allow maximum safety and reliability. Deep submergence, suitable for well head christmas trees. Minimum safety factor 4:1. External finish as standard :- Primer - Carbo Zinc 11, Top Coat - Carboline Epoxy CE190HV.

Built to Hydrotrole specification SDC1-l/2/73 as standard or ASME8 and Lloyds; a non welded pressure vessel for internal and external pressure can be furnished from substantially stock components.

Transfer Barriers

Used to allow sea water pressure at any depth to be transmitted to internal fluid in equipment such as valve actuators, gear boxes, hydraulic units etc. to maintain pressure/volume balance, compensation for depth. One piece high integrity Buna-N rubber moulding prevents intermixing of sea water and instrument fluid.


Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

Submersible / Flameproof Pressure Switches

Flame proof pressure switches for surface and subsea applications. Designed for BS 4683 Div 1 Group 2A gases. These switches are particularly suitable for hydraulic and similar instrument systems. Stainless steel fluid contact parts as standard.


Offshore Oil & Gas Applications Surge Accumulators Pulsation Dampeners Bladder Accumulators

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Surge, Diaphragm, Piston, and Bladder Types

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