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Offshore Heave Motion / Crane Load Compensators

Using proven Hydrotrole hydraulic accumulator and cylinder technology and expertise the HYDROCOMP series of heave wave motion compensators provide the ultimate in safety reliability and performance. The unique co-axial construction - the accumulator actually surrounds the hydraulic ram - not only makes this the most rugged unit on the market, it also saves on deck space and weight. Hermetically sealed "dead" side of cylinder, retaining a slight positive Nitrogen pressure, prevents corrosive atmosphere being sucked in every stroke - a major problem with conventional systems. Elimination of hydraulic piping, double piston seals plus PTFE linear bearings between all wearing surfaces ensures maximum reliability and minimum down time.

Minimum sheave diameters are 30 x rope O.D.; all sheaves run on double taper roller bearings. NOTE :- HYDROCOMP linear compensators are now supplied with LlMISLIP over travel friction grip deck clamps and INDACC remote position indicators.

Based on either axial or co·axial linear accumulator layouts mooring snubbers for tensioning loads up to 150 tons per single cable with stroke (line take up) capacitors up to 30 feet. Utilising minimum of deck space tensioners may be mounted vertically or horizontally. Structural integrity not less than maximum load x 3.

These wave motion arrestor units allow unloading of supply vessels in what would otherwise be impossible sea states, thereby enlarging the weather window. The unit is normally fitted to the main hoist cable and is an easy conversion for existing Rig/Platform cranes.

Based on ultra efficient high response regenerative hydraulics system H.OS. L. rotary guide line Tensioner has been purpose designed for deep water rigs where high line capacity and minimum hardware weight are essential. Incorporation of a unique over travel limiter prevents shearing of safety clamp and allows round-the-clock automatic operation; all models can also be operated as straight compensated winches with local and remote controls.


Offshore Oil & Gas Applications Surge Accumulators Pulsation Dampeners Bladder Accumulators

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Surge, Diaphragm, Piston, and Bladder Types

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